Day 2 of MLB Winter Meetings, December 6, 2011 — Pujols, Buehrle, White Sox Rebuilding

6 Dec

Thanks to Twitter, there’s no longer a need to wait for official reports or statements for anything, especially the league that has more speculation about trades/free agency than the rest, Major League Baseball.

Here is my rundown of today’s confirmed and speculated moves in baseball:

– All reports point to the Miami Marlins adding another significant piece to their infield in Albert Pujols.  The deal is reportedly worth $200-$225 million over 10 years.  Pujols wants a no-trade clause, however the Marlins specific policy is to not give any player a no-trade clause — including new signing Jose Reyes.  If the two sides could get past that road bump, the Marlins would be very close to adding the perennial bat.

– The White Sox dealt last season’s closer Sergio Santos to the Toronto Blue Jays for 22-year-old pitching prospect Nestor Molina.  Molina is figured to be a future starting pitcher for the Sox someday according to their scouts, although the White Sox traded for him most likely because of his dominance as a starter last year (12-3, 148k/18BB).  This move triggered Kenny Williams to say the inevitable, that the White Sox are rebuilding.  New manager Robin Ventura has also not yet contacted any players, a hint that a good portion of them could soon be out of town.

– Mark Buehrle has narrowed the amount of teams he’s considering to five.  The speculation seems to be that if he is offered four years, instead of what he’s been seeing (three years), he will take that offer.  The Marlins, Rangers, Nationals and Angels (and hopefully the White Sox) are the four names that are confirmed, no idea if he’s leaning towards a particular side however.  He is a St. Louis native, so I would not be surprised to see the Cardinals involved.

– The Brewers are done with Prince Fielder, for now.  The Mariners seem to be the front runner, however Toronto, Chicago Cubs and even the Brewers still want to talk with Fielder to get him to agree to a shorter deal.

– Manny Ramirez is reportedly so desparate to get back in the bigs that he is contacting teams personally.

– After adding All-Star closer Jonathon Broxton, the Royals have all of a sudden made Joakim Soria expendable.  It’s unclear how much they want for him, but I’m willing to bet it’s a king’s bounty.

– CJ Wilson is possibly even more popular among teams than Mark Buehrle — as Wilson has been in meetings with the Angels, Marlins and Rangers all within the matter of about 24 hours.

– Former top prospect-turned-glass elbow, Joel Zumaya, is expected to have more than a dozen team scouts on hand to watch him throw next week.

Kevin Slowey was traded from the Twins to the Colorado Rockies.

– The Rockies seem borderline desparate to get Huston Street out of town, as they are even willing to eat most of, if not all, of the money left on his contract.  The Padres seem like a possibilty.

– Ozzie Guillen said in an interview that he plans to have Jose Reyes be the lead-off hitter with Emilio Bonaficio batting #2.  Should they sign Albert Pujols, he plans to hit him in the clean up spot after Hanley Ramirez.

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